Hi there, I’m Adam, I own and operate Pixflix Productions. Please forgive me for this next part: I am not all that amazing at describing who I am, but I’ll try my best.

Where do I even begin? Probably from the start. I was raised in Western Sydney and growing up I loved to sing, dance, act or basically anything else that entailed performing, the creative flare for a unique career was running through my veins from the very beginning. Fun fact: growing up, we had way, way, way too many cats.

Moving on.. as I got older I met and fell in love with my lovely wife Sara and our two gorgeous kids. Some of the most important things to us as a family, include love, friends and travel and broadway, If I could live anywhere in the work New York is the place. 

My wife would say that my worst trait is not listening to her haha, and my best trait is that I’m hard working and caring. My kids and my wife make me happiest in this world.

I'm a night owl, a pasta lover, on the outside I’m sarcastic and introverted, but on the inside I’m generous and loyal, I’m a film buff, a winter nights in, comfy clothes over style, and tea over coffee kinda-guy. 

I love what I do and I can’t wait to get to know more about what you have planned for your wedding or event.